web consulting service

Do you just have specific areas of concern you’d like to discuss with our web strategist? We can look through your website and identify problem areas and offer expert advice to fix it. We can also discuss specific issue points you’re experiencing with your website, troubleshoot your online sales funnel or strategize about your digital marketing solutions.

We offer consulting and strategy by the hour, day or half day.

a web consultant’s goal

Our goal is to solve our client’s problem with the business’s success in mind. A developer’s goal is to write code to meet your project specs. Button here, notification there, image over here, strategy nowhere. The solution the client has in their mind isn’t always the best way to achieve your goal.

A web consultant listens and considers the business model, the audience, the competition and all of those considerations play into the project at hand.

A web consultant won’t be afraid to say no. When a client suggests something that the consultant doesn’t see as a good fit for the project or it’s not the right time, the consultant will be willing to say no. As long as the consultant follows the “no” with an alternative approach or a full explanation for why the idea is being shut down.

A web consultant wants to see their work succeed post-launch. Rather than just focusing on launch day, they are more concerned about the long-term success of their guidance and development. They are willing to check back later to recommend potential changes or upgrades that can accelerate growth or success.

The design and development process will only start when the solution is clear and tackles the true business issue at hand.

We will not suggest our own services if we don’t believe there’s a good chance at a reasonable ROI. While we can’t guarantee a ROI, our experience with previous projects and businesses gives them a leg-up above business owners looking to grow their business using web technologies.

why we are web consultant’s

Problem solving is our true passion. It just so happens that technology can solve a great deal of business issues and help to achieve goals of all kinds. The more efficient our solutions, the more accomplished we feel at the end of the day.

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