Cloud Designs are leading e-commerce development experts, with a track record and expertise required to deliver e-commerce solutions. We offer a full range of services which include strategy sessions, integrations, migrations and support, and a full range of e-commerce development services.

We provide responsive and robust E-commerce solutions through Custom WooCommerce development and host of services which makes your website more robust and scalable.

Starting your online store from scratch or simply need a redesign, WooCommerce is a great way forward. Our developers will integrate, customize, offer ideas and create your fully functioning E-store that looks great and lets you manage your full E-commerce business on WordPress using WooCommerce.

We offer development for custom plugins & custom themes as well as SEO for WooCommerce. We also offer migration to WooCommerce from any other platform.

An online consumer journey leading to purchase usually comprises of these 4 stages

When the consumers has discovered your brand. A customer is usually introduced to an e-commerce site through various advertising tools or social media campaigns.

Once your name is registered in the minds of your potential customers, they will search to check if you offer the products or service they need. Technically, at this stage your potential customers are going to get filtered.

Based on their research, the online shoppers establish a preference in terms of which website they want to purchase from.

This is where the customer makes a purchase decision but they will consider repurchase if they experience a smooth checkout and payment system.

Stages of consumer journey through an e-commerce platform

We can officially call this the discovery mode of the consumer. They will skim through various categories to locate a product/service they want. While they are doing that, the product pages should load faster or the visitor will have an urge to change website or drop the search altogether.

At the shop stage, a consumer does a selection and comparison of products. hence if the best sellers are visible to them or products relevant to their search, there is good chance they will add them to cart. Provide them hints throughout their journey and propose similar items that your customers might want to select as well.

The e-shoppers have added and viewed their cart and this is where they move to checkout stage. Now the consumer expects to place an order without too many things to worry about so this stage should be simple and convenient.

At the checkout stage you can either select COD or credit card payment. The later would add one more step to your online purchase ordeal. Believe it or not, some people tend to abandon shopping cart at this stage.

At this stage the consumer gets the product or service as promised or decides to return product if it falls below satisfactory levels. This is a difficult step but still holds opportunity to turn a dissatisfied customer into happy customer.

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